TWDG Character's Last Words
Chet: It was nice to meet ya both.
Shawn: I'm okay pop...I'm almost...almost got me, man. Lee tried to save me. I...
Hershel: Please, just go. Get out and never come back.
Irene: You can't.
Glenn: You guys be safe.
David: No no no! Try the trap again, anything, please!
Travis: HEELLP---AHHHH---ahhhgggrkkk!
Jolene: Go on, tell him, boy! Tell him what you got in mind for--
Mark: Don't... eat.... dinner...
Larry: I'll break the damn door down! Aah! Hrrrgghhh! Oh God...
Danny: You ain't gonna kill me, just like you didn't kill Jolene..
Brenda: I don't want to kill you, Lee! Just stop!
Andy: Get back here and fight me like a man, Lee! Lee! Leee! Leee!
Doug: I can't handle this!
Carley: Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once.
Duck: I will, I will.
Lilly: I'm sorry, Lee. I really am.
Katjaa: Give us a moment to say goodbye?
Chuck: Get her the hell out of here! I'll catch up with ya! I'll be fine! Just go!
Brie: What about the rest of us, don't we get a say in-
Vernon: Take your hands off me.
Molly: And you be sure to take care of that little girl. You know she thinks the world of you.
Omid: What the fuck does that mean?!
Christa: You're crazy!
Stranger: I miss you so much, Tess. You're going to like Clementine a lot, though. She's not Lizzy, but she's sweet. She wouldn't hurt a fly.
Lee: I'll miss you.
Clementine: Me, too.


Because everybody fucking needs Kenny’s mustache

"Whoa that little guy’s getting pretty good at flying falls! 


getting a higher grade than the really pretentious smart kid in the class